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Tomorrow Anew

Hello there, welcome.

This initiative is a response to the Covid-19 crisis.
Its purpose is twofold:

1. to collectively reflect on this situation by seeking answers to a simple yet universal question: What will be different tomorrow?

2. to aid those who suffering from the consequences of the crisis as we speak.

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Hello there, welcome.

Times of crisis are also times to rethink our own established ways of living. Although individually separated, we can think together, as a collective body, and act from within our households to help those in the frontline. Tomorrow Anew invites each one of us to act on two fronts:

1. Think
Trapped inside our homes, each day is another of the same, where individual lives in isolation long for a public one. We recurrently re-live the today with a mix of uneasiness, nostalgia and hope. Tomorrow Anew is a collective cry for tomorrow to come again. However, we do not ask for tomorrow to come as our normal yesterday, mimicking our old habits, our same ways of neglecting people, of doing business, or of disregarding the environment. Tomorrow must come anew, refreshed to inaugurate a new era. And for that we need to think: we invite you to answer the question below so we may reflect on this together.

2. Share
While reclusion might offer a moment of introversion, reflection, and maybe even peace for some, it is a burden for a large segment of the population that lives on end-of-day paychecks, let alone for those who are battling the virus. This crisis should also be a crisis of selfishness, opening new paths of solidarity. Those who can may offer a figurative hand for those who are in a more fragile condition. And for that we need to share: we invite you to donate as you respond to the question so we help those who need it the most now.

“What will be different tomorrow?”

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The answers should be a reflection on the question of
“What will be different tomorrow?”

Our goal is to collect as many answers as possible to achieve a critical body of intellectual thought. This will offer different perspectives on possible worlds post-Covid-19. Maybe it will show a positive future, maybe a negative one, we will take it all. We won’t judge the answers, but we will filter them, if necessary, so there aren’t any offenses, attacks or unrelated texts. Answers will be reviewed and published in this website within a few days of submission. If you accept to submit your answer, however, you also agree to accept our censorship (if we find it imperative) without asking for your donation back. We’ll honestly try not to intervene, and if we have any questions, we may contact you.

All people are welcome to contribute, from all backgrounds and countries, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or social status. Throughout the campaign, we will highlight some responses in our section “Featured” with the intent to attract attention to some different points of views, as well as to the support of some notable people. With their help, we might expand our reach.

The length of the answers is not specified. They can vary from a sentence to many paragraphs. We suggest you limiting your answer to a few paragraphs, so the content is more easily accessible by others and fits the final publication.

After we conclude this initiative—we don’t really know when, probably when recovery is widespread throughout the world—we intend to create a physical publication with the answers received. A book is the ideal format. Here is where our partnership with NESS Magazine came to life. They are committed to helping us make something great around these lines. Together we will look for sponsors and grants to cover printing costs and make this viable. We will keep you posted of our development on this end. Meanwhile, all answers will already live here, online. Feel free to explore them.

Looking forward to reading your reflections!

Mariana Meneguetti

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Here you will find information about our NGO partners, the places where your donations will be redirected to, and the Terms and Conditions of use and participation. If you intend to donate directly, please click on Respond / Donate on the menu.

Tomorrow Anew is both an intellectual discussion and a disaster relief campaign. As we reflect together on our common future, we ask you to consider donating for those directly suffering from the virus or impacted by the concurrent economic crisis.

Any financial help is welcome, we ask you to donate an amount you find relevant. The more generous you are, the greater the impact. We and the beneficiaries will be very grateful.

We are working with NGOs that are actively responding to the Covid-19 crisis. Together they cover the US, Kenya, and Brazil, in different regions and capacities. They have been selected because of their seriousness, transparency, efficiency and global reach. Your donation first goes to them, from where it is redistributed to the targeted communities.

Instituto Bei is a Brazilian nonprofit engaged in a Covid-19 taskforce to assist both indigenous communities in Xingu and people in the informal settlements of São Paulo. The indigenous peoples living in the Xingu Indigenous Park in Brazil are especially vulnerable to the impacts of Covid-19 due to their lower immunity to viruses, their collective traditional ways of life, and their limited access to health services and hospitals. The quarantine of the indigenous peoples of the Xingu Park and the lack of governmental action are already causing shortages of food and medicine, as well as other items necessary for the survival of various communities. The amount collected for this cause will go directly to the Association for the Indigenous Territory of the Xingu (ATIX), who distribute medicine, non-perishable food, hygiene products and reduce the need for trips into the city. For São Paulo, on the other hand, the Institute is providing support to the communities of Centro, Heliópolis, Cumbica, Cidade Tiradentes, Sapopemba, Jardim Colombo, São Luis, Pinheral, Porto Seguro, Grajaú, Embúdas Artes, São Remo, Vila Guaraciaba, and Jardim Keraluxe. These are slums that have been hit hard by the crisis and lack basic needs, from food to clean water. Instituto Bei, alongside their partners, such as Fundação Tide Setubal, have put in place a series of relief programs to address these issues. Learn more here.

BrazilFoundation is an nonprofit that mobilizes resources from the US to Brazil by bridging the gap between foreign donors and outstanding social organizations focused on promoting equality, social justice and economic opportunity in Brazil. The foundation is working to halt the advancement of the new coronavirus in two fronts. First, through their program “Amazon Forever,” in partnership with Conservação Internacional - Brasil, the foundation is providing emergency aid to indigenous, quilombola and riverside communities in the Brazilian Amazon at a time when COVID-19 is threatening their lives and livelihoods. Second, through their campaign “Together against Covid-19,” the foundation is assisting vulnerable communities throughout Brazil to help reduce the most immediate socio-economic losses from the pandemic. BrazilFoundation has received multiple recognition for its transparency and management, such as a platinum seal on GuideStar in 2019, 4 stars on Charity Navigator, an A+ from Selo Doar in 2019 and 2018, and the Selo Liga Social in 2019. It was also recognized as one of the best NGOs in Brazil in 2017 and 2018, and has a high evaluation on Glass Pockets. Donations through this foundation are tax-deductible in the US. Learn more here.

A GiveDirectly is a nonprofit that sends cash directly to families in extreme poverty in the US and throughout Africa (in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Malawi, and Morocco). They prioritize recipient preferences over those of donors. “We do not impose our preferences, or judgments, on the beneficiaries; instead we respect and empower them to make their own choices, elevating their voices in the global aid debate.” GiveDirectly is actively responding to the Covid-19 crisis, having donated nearly 128 million dollars to 222,000 families as of June 2020. Donations through this foundation are tax-deductible in the US. Learn more here.

To donate you can either submit an answer to our question or donate directly without responding (although the former is more fun). To go to the Donation page click “Respond / Donate” at the home page or on the side menu. Upon deciding on which modality, you will be redirected to the selected NGO’s website. There you will be prompted to choose the amount of your donation, the location it will go to, and the payment method.

Tomorrow Anew does not hold any amount of your donation. Our partners’ transaction costs are between 5-12% depending on the chosen program. For detailed information, see descriptions above.

Help us make this a beautiful campaign!

Download here our Terms and Conditions

Essa iniciativa só foi possível porque algumas pessoas incríveis acreditaram neste projeto desde o início. Todos aqueles que abordamos para apresentar a ideia, imediatamente a adotaram sem hesitar. Somos extremamente gratos pela confiança que depositaram em nós.

Refik Anadol é um artista de mídia nascido em Istambul e baseado nos EUA. Ele e sua equipe, especialmente Pelin Kivrak, abraçaram o desafio de dar uma vida visual a essa iniciativa. Privilegiando a diferença à singularidade, e o movimento à estase, Refik acredita que os sujeitos são transformados quando a estética, a técnica e a percepção do espaço são reinventadas. A covid-19 invariavelmente transformará nossa cultura contemporânea, e a arte de Refik pode nos ajudar a trazer uma dimensão poética para isso. Consulte Sobre a Arte para obter mais detalhes a respeito de sua contribuição.

A Revista NESS, uma revista Argentina sobre arquitetura, vida e cultura urbana, se uniu ao projeto em nosso primeiro dia de existência e desde então tem nos ajudado a refletir sobre o resultado das respostas. Eles se comprometeram a fazer as reflexões que recebermos durarem mesmo depois que a crise acabar. Juntos, daremos uma presença física ao resultado intelectual da campanha e faremos que ela circule pelo mundo, para que outras pessoas possam se inspirar com os pensamentos de nossos colaboradores.

O Instituto Bei é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que tem trabalhado incansavelmente para ajudar pessoas em assentamentos informais no Brasil durante esta crise. Assim que propomos unir forças, eles imediatamente se tornaram nosso principal parceiro institucional. O Instituto Bei também estabeleceu parcerias com a Fundação Tide Setubal, Instituto Galo da Manhã e o Insper. Juntos somos mais fortes para enfrentar o desafio atual.

A BrazilFoundation é a maior organização sem fins lucrativos que conecta os EUA ao Brasil. Devido a crise, a fundação mobilizou sua rede global de doadores, parceiros e apoiadores, e abriu uma frente de ação “Juntos contra o covid-19”. Seus objetivo é contribuir para frear o avanço do novo coronavírus em comunidades vulneráveis de grandes centros urbanos e ajudar a diminuir os prejuízos socioeconômicos mais imediatos da pandemia. A BrazilFoundation recebeu o Amanhã (de)Novo de braços abertos e logo nos aliamos para expandir nosso impacto.

A GiveDirectly é a razão pela qual somos capazes de ajudar pessoas nos EUA e na África. Sem uma maneira eficiente, confiável e transparente de receber e distribuir doações nesses países, essa iniciativa não existiria. Procuramos um parceiro com alcance global que já estivesse envolvido com a força-tarefa que lida com a covid-19. Graças a Max Ghenis e seu conhecimento acadêmico sobre os benefícios sociais e econômicos das doações diretas, pudemos nos conectar rapidamente com a GiveDirectly, que ofereceu graciosamente sua plataforma para viabilizar nossa campanha.

A Create: Pensamentos Online, desenvolvedora de websites e soluções online, ofereceu-se para priorizar este projeto e entregar o site expeditamente, junto com quaisquer soluções relacionadas à web que o acompanham.

A Fleichman Advogados, firma de advocacia localizada em São Paulo, se empenhou em garantir que todos nossos passos estivessem dentro da lei e orientados para o benefício de nossos usuários e das ONGs parceiras. Sua contribuição pro bono foi fundamental para construir essa iniciativa.

Richard Sanches, tradutor e editor, ofereceu seu apoio sem relutar e ainda gratuitamente. Ele é o motivo pelo qual essas palavras fazem algum sentido.

Também contamos com suporte de:
FICA: Fundo imobiliário de propriedade coletiva.
XDivers: Centro de mergulho.

Por último, mas não menos importante, nossos primeiros respondedores desempenharam um papel inestimável ao escrever suas respostas antes mesmo que houvesse algum site on-line. Ao acreditar nessa iniciativa antes que houvesse uma de fato, eles ajudaram a aumentar nossa confiança e, mais importante ainda, a trazer tração para a campanha.

É difícil agradecer o suficiente aos nossos parceiros. Obrigado por confiar em nós e ajudar a dar vida a este projeto. Por isso e pelo seu constante apoio, seremos eternamente gratos. Agora vamos fazer nosso trabalho e ajudar o maior número de pessoas possível!



Gabriel Kozlowski

AArchitect and Curator
MSc from MIT, PhD student at Harvard
Assistant Curator for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2020

Luisa Schettino

Architect at Prior + Partners
BArch from PUC-Rio, MSc from MIT

Max Ghenis

Founder and economist at UBI Center
MS student at MIT

Helena Wajnman

MS student at MIT

Maria Kozlowski


Leticia Schettino

Computer Science student at Harvard University

Tomorrow Anew Ambassadors:

Monica Vieira Eisenberg

Business Development Brazil-US

Ariel Kozlowski

Environmental Economist

LinYee Yuan

Publisher and Writer


Refik Anadol

Media Artist and Director
Lecturer and visiting researcher at UCLA

NESS Magazine

On Architecture, Life and Urban Culture

Create: Pensamentos Online

Web developer

Fleichman Advogados

Law firm

Richard Sanches

Copyeditor and translator

We also count with support by:


Platform on urbanization and Brazilian cities


Collectively owned real estate fund


Dive center

MOLD Magazine

Designing the Future of Food

We cannot thank our collaborators enough for trusting us and helping bring Tomorrow Anew to life. For that and your constant support, we will be forever grateful. Now, let’s get the job done and help as many people as possible!

Protect the Amazon by acquiring exclusive maps of Brazil

• 10 Uniquely crafted Maps of Brazil

• Exhibited at the International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale 2018

• Exhibited at the Americas Society in New York, 2019

Explore the maps

Exhibition photos

The maps reveal 10 different facets of Brazil and examine the nature of the visible and invisible walls that both constitute and enclose the country. These large-scale cartographies explore themes such as immigration, the access to the Brazilian border, and the way commodities move within that territory. They shed light on the causes of the country’s social and environmental fragmentation that prevents Brazil from establishing a more egalitarian and democratic public sphere.

The artwork was developed by processing extended data sets from both national and international institutions, including the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, the Federal Police of Brazil, NASA, and the Global Forest Watch. The entire process was a collaborative research with more than two hundred professionals from ten disciplines, among them renowned figures as Drauzio Varella, Claudio Haddad, Sergio Besserman, Antonio Donato Nobre, Eliane and Carla Caffé, and Cripta Djan.

The exhibition was curated by Sol Camacho, Laura González Fierro, Gabriel Kozlowski, and Marcelo Maia Rosa.

The maps are 3 x 3 meters (10 x 10 feet) with direct UV printing on white ACM sheet over welded aluminum frame painted in white matte. Each map consists of 4 separate pieces that meet seamlessly at the center, or that alternatively can be exhibited individually. The final composition is framed around the edges by solid flat metal plates and mounted on metal supports.

Maps start at $6,000. Worldwide Shipping, price not included.

To acquire them, send a message to maps@tomorrowanew.org or click on the button next to the chosen map.




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01. Paisagem Fluida 02. O Mapa não é o Território 03. Fluxos Humanos 04. Cruzamentos 05. Fluxos Materiais 06. Geografia dos Investimentos Imobiliários 07. Habitar a Casa ou a Cidade? 08. Sucessão de Bordas 09. Divisões Sólidas 10. Criptografias do Poder

Refik Anadol’s work “New Gravity of the Earth” is supporting Tomorrow Anew in its effort to fight the pandemic.

• Exclusive artwork created for TomorrowAnew

• Visualization of Covid-19’s global development

• 2.5 million data points

See Artwork

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Description by Artist

Inspired by the future-oriented intellectual speculations of the disaster relief campaign Tomorrow Anew, Refik Anadol Studio created a 3D data visualization based on the data set of Novel Coronavirus from healthmap.org and John Hopkins University. The 2.5 million confirmed cases as of June were processed to determine the cumulative sum filtered by continent, country, province, and city. The piece encourages us to merge our intellectual and financial resources to reach a more comprehensive understanding of our current moment and to imagine a post-pandemic world where global interconnections will be instrumental for our collective healing process.

About Refik Anadol Studio

Refik Anadol Studio creates public art that explores the potential for intersections of new media, machine intelligence, and architecture. Through immersive installations, data paintings, and audio/visual performances, it takes the invisible datasets that surrounds us as primary material, and the computerized mind as a collaborator. Their works radically communicate knowledge as a poetic experience that prompts us to re-imagine our quotidian realities and everyday interactions with technology.

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